Company Sponsored Research

Company Sponsored Research

Company sponsored or Issuer Sponsored Research, allows small capitalization companies to reach new investors and achieve a fair valuation. Our annual subscription provides distribution to the top retail and institutional platforms including: Twitter, Google+, Thomson One, Zacks, Factset and S&P Capital IQ.Companies below $2 billion in market capitalization frequently struggle with attracting new investors and maintaining sufficient liquidity in their shares. These companies frequently have valuations well below where they would trade if there was more information on them and sufficient analyst coverage. Not having coverage limits a company's ability to raise capital and generate sufficient shareholder interest.  Additionally, with MiFID numerous small and mid capitalization issuers are likely to suffer, as research can no longer be offered as a benefit but only as a paid service. Issuer Sponsored Research helps small capitalization companies even the playing field, by providing a way for small capitalization issuers to have the same high quality research coverage which large capitalization companies take for granted. Not having consensus estimates for key line items also limits a company's investor pool, as numerous trading algorithms and increasing passively managed benchmarks frequently use financial estimates when allocating their capital. 

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Why Company Sponsored Research?

Why Diamond Equity Research Issuer Sponsored Research (ISR)?

  • Diamond Equity Research's reports are institutional quality and are offered at among the most competitive rates in the industry
  • We provide estimates which are used by Thomson Reuters, Morningstar, and other leading investment platforms which allows investors to find your business in various revenue, net income or other financial metric screenings. 
  • The quality of our reports greatly exceeds that of our peers. We author organized, persuasive, and thoughtful equity research reports, providing investors a unique research product to use in their investment analysis process
  • The company employs some of the top research professionals in the industry, with the founder holding years of emerging growth related investment experience. 
  • Diamond Equity Research is a technology focused equity research firm with extensive online and proprietary distribution and tracking capabilities
  • We offer top customer service to help clients reach their financial goals. Our engagements are structured over a year term, as opposed to monthly payments or payments per report

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